For this type of campaign, the thing that will persuade MPs the most is actually the number and diversity of personalised requests from constituents asking them to support the bill. Simple - but effective!


So, your MP may have stated a number of times that they won’t support the Bill. This is fine and it does not mean that you should give up or stop engaging. Some MPs never respond to constituents—the fact that they are in contact with you means they are aware of the issues and the Bill. The best thing to do is to keep contacting them, and persuade others to join you. Only through constant pressure from constituents will MPs begin to listen, wake up and support the CE Bill. One thing to think about is, who are the people in your community that your MP listens to? How can you build a varied group of people lobbying in your constituency who aren’t just the ‘usual suspects’?

To help you, we have collated this handy guide on how to get started, how to contact your MP, how to apply pressure through your local council and how to build a local alliance of campaigners and organisations. You can also check our events page for our latest campaign Share session where you can ask the Zero Hour team and fellow campaigners any questions that you have.