No, never! None of this lobbying activity is wasted. It is unusual, but not impossible for frontbenchers to be a co-sponsor or support the Bill. Some Labour frontbenchers, such as Fleur Anderson MP, Rachael Maskell MP and Olivia Blake MP have added their name as supporters of the CE Bill, and Alex Sobel MP is a frontbencher who is also a co-sponsor of the Bill.


We want all MPs to pledge their support for the Bill, and being on the frontbench is no excuse! MPs can express their support publicly, or to you as a constituent. Many MPs support the aims and principles of the Bill, and although we welcome this, this is not sufficient to add them as a supporter on our website. If your MP takes this stance, let them know that only by truly pledging full support for the Bill can they play their part in helping our country get to grips with the climate & nature crisis.