Two years ago, on 1 May 2019, the UK Parliament declared a Climate and Environment Emergency.

Since then, politicians have drawn up new targets, including at least a 68% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, made promises to protect 30% of our land by 2030 and signed pledges including the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature

Yet despite these pledges and promises, we remain way off track.
Just 2 of 31 Government milestones on climate have been met, and the UK remains one of the most nature deprived countries in Europe.

And worse, plans for new coal mines, new licenses for oil and gas exploration in the North Sea, expanded airports and tax cuts for domestic flights are undermining plans to get a grip of the UK’s rising emissions. Tree planting targets have fallen short for the second year in a row, while unchecked pollution means only 14% of rivers are rated good for wildlife and plants.

To change this, we need more than just promises. We need new, ambitious climate and nature law – we need the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

Support our demand that the UK Government back up their climate and nature pledges with up-to-date, ambitious legislation. 

We cannot afford to wait another two years. Please sign the petition.

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