Curbing greenhouse gas emissions and reversing environmental breakdown are the most pressing issues facing humanity. Yet the UK Government’s actions have fallen far short of fulfilling the UK’s responsibilities under the UN Biodiversity and Climate Change Conventions. Our projected carbon emissions are two to three times higher than required for the UK to comply with limiting global heating to 1.5°C, as per the Paris Agreement.

Given the serious need for a viable plan, over 100 experts, campaigners and community leaders have written to Boris Johnson, calling for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. If passed, it will ensure—in law—that the UK takes full responsibility for its entire carbon footprint, acts to protect our vital ecosystems, and give citizens a say in the transition to a zero carbon society. 

Though 118 MPs and Peers support the Bill, parliamentarians have been denied time for it to advance through Westminster. But with global temperatures hitting 1.2 °C above pre-industrial levels last year, we can't afford delay.

Read our letter demanding that this legislation form part of the Government’s next Queen’s Speech agenda:


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